UK Harbour Masters Association

The Harbour Masters’ Association of the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (UKHMA) was formed in May 1993 at an inaugural meeting held at the University of Wales in Cardiff.

The organisation is a professional association of harbour masters. The Association consists of seven regional constituencies, including an active group in Scotland that includes both mainland and island Members.

As a company whose business includes the supply of spill prevention, control and clean up products that relate directly to harbour masters' duties or needs Darcy felt dutybound to become involved with the UKHMA to ensure complete environmental protection.

Widely acknowledged as a competent partner in the shipping and port industry throughout the UK, the UKHMA’s wealth of experience is sought after and highly appreciated in many inter-industry forums, working groups and consultations, including those initiated by the MCA, DfT, MAIB, Scottish governmental bodies, etc.


The objectives of the Association are to:

  • Encourage the safe and efficient conduct of marine operations in ports;
  • Promote the interests and professional competence of harbour masters;
  • Represent by way of professional advice and support the views of harbour masters to governmental bodies, to organisations representative of port authorities and other persons within the United Kingdom and abroad concerned with marine operations, both within and near port waters;
  • The rules of the Association prohibit it from acting as a trade union.