24 Hour Spill Response Helps Client Where An Oil Spill Had Taken Place

Project Title: 24 hour spill response service

Products/Services: 24 hour spill response service

Project Undertaken: August 2010

Industry Sector: Food manufacturing



  • Darcy's client, a food manufacturer, called our spill response line after a small diesel spillage on one of their sites.

Issues identified:

  • Potential for waterways to be contaminated
  • Numerous grids near leakage
  • Small - medium capacity lost


  • All potential waterways were protected
  • Booms installed in case of contamination (not present)
  • Biocat product placed in areas
  • Leakage area cleaned and treated by our remediation team
  • All grids covered to reduce risk of entering the drainage
  • Site handed back to client within 24 hour window