Chemical Bund Structural Testing And Lining

Project Overview: Bund structural testing and chemical HDPE bund lining

Project Title: Bund lining of chemical bunded areas

Products/Services: HDPE lining within ATEX areas

Project Undertaken: July to September 2011

Industry Sector: Chemical



  • Our client had been asked by the EA to show that their chemical bunded areas are fit for purpose and meet the required regulations
  • Darcy undertook a full structural survey on all bunded areas and marked the areas that provided the greatest area of concern.

Project overview

  • The areas that provided the greatest concern were scheduled to be lined
  • To ensure that the liner was suitable, 3no spefications of liner were tested in the most aggressive product on site for 8 weeks.
  • Most suitable product (2mm HDPE) was specified
  • 4no Bunded areas were lined and pea gravel installed to provide health and safety assistance
  • Project undertaken over a 6 week period and completed / signed off from the client.


  • Reduces the risk of a pollution incident
  • All Lining tested and certified