Free Site Survey And Correct Location Of Spill Kits Prevent Diesel Flowing Into A Storm Drain

A leading power generating company had requested a free site survey to assess their sites spill hazards and measures to ensure their site was fully compliant with legislation.

Carried out by our experienced NEBOSH qualified staff, we provided the customer with a detailed report on all areas of their site:

  • Identifying areas at risk
  • Recommending preventative measures
  • Recommending procedures for responding to incidents
  • Recommending appropriate equipment for prevention and response

Later, an incident occured whilst a forklift was being used to transport a mobile welding machine around the site.  It fell from the forks and spilt diesel onto the road adjacent to the car park in close proximity to a storm drain.  Owing to the fact that the free site survey had identified areas at risk and spill kits had been located in the identified areas the customer was able to quickly and effectively respond to the spill by:

  • Spill kit absorbent pads and booms were used to soak up and contain the spill
  • The drain cover from the spill kit was deployed to prevent any further diesel from entering the storm drain system
  • Pumps were switched off and pom poms (also supplied by Darcy) were deployed to soak up any final residue.
  • The oil interceptor was checked for any standing alarm.

The immediate availability of the spill kit contents contained the diesel spill and prevented any pollutants entering the storm drain and the interceptor thus reducing clean up and waste management costs.

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