Need For A Streamlined And Cost Effective Ordering Method For Regular Absorbent Orders


Our customer, a provider of rail transportation to a population of over 15m, was very impressed with the quality and price of our absorbents. However, due to space limitations on site they could not order large volumes of absorbents in one go but wanted an easier way to manage ordering as he was placing orders every 3-4 weeks. As our prices were extremely competitive he also wanted to fix the pricing for a certain period of time.


We discussed setting up a call off order for a years worth of product based on his current usage. Owing to our customers committment we duly fixed the price of the product for that length of time. They provided an order committment to cover the quantity of pads as well as delivery costs for the length of the contract. Every few weeks the client sent in an email template to call off a quanitity of absorbents at a time.


The customer has retained competitive prices based on a years usage without having to take an entire years supply of absorbents in one go. He was extremely pleased with how the call off orders went as this has saved him a great deal of time in creating a new purchase order every few weeks. The customer is also benefiting from fixed pricing.

For details on our call off order service please contact Darcy on 0800 0370 899