Details on COMAH and how Darcy can assist your organisation to adhere to specific guidelines.

COMAH Regulations are there to prevent and reduce the effects of major accidents involving dangerous substances including:

  • chlorine
  • liquefied petroleum gas
  • explosives
  • arsenic pentoxide
  • all of which can cause damage to the environment

COMAH is mainly linked to organisations within the chemical industry but also can involve companies that sotre products, explosives and nuclear sites.

Enhance compliance to the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH)

Of course any company that it is determined that the COMAH Regulations apply to will be aware that it is the responsibility of the company as an Operator of a COMAH site to mitigate the effects of those major accidents which can cause serious harm to the environment.   What you may not be aware of is that Darcy Spillcare Manufacture can support you by their products and services in meeting the highest standards of compliance.If you are concerned that you are not meeting the environmental and emergency response aspects of the COMAH regulations Darcy will provide advice and guidance to assist you.

Specialist areas to meet legislation

Darcy can assist in the creation of (or review of an existing) Pollution Incident Response Plan to ensure environmental risks as a result of an incident on site are minimised.

Darcy provides a range of products and services to give you confidence in the environmental security and compliance of your site. Products and services include:

  • Penstock valves and flow blockers  - contain spilt liquid contaminants and firewater run-off on-site
  • pH and oil discriminating pumps  - ensure secondary containment systems provide sufficient capacity to contain spills within bunds
  • Inspection, maintenance and build of secondary containment bunds
  • Booms and skimmers for spillages to water and temporary storage tanks for the contaminated materials
  • Equipment to stop spillages at source including drain seals, clay plugging compounds and isolation devices
  • Absorbents, PPE equipment and training to ensure best practice in spill control
  • Site drainage identification and risk-based environmental assessments

Proactive Prevention is better than cure!

We can arrange for one of our Specialist Account Managers to meet with any COMAH Regulated site at a convenient time to identify enhancements to your environmental security and, where appropriate, discuss approaches and procedures for waste management cost reduction.

For further details on COMAH and how Darcy can assist your organisation to adhere to specific guidelines and regulations please contact us on 0800 0370 899.