Pollution Prevention Guidelines

Pollution Prevention Guidelines provide support and advice to assist in the reduction of waste, pollution prevention and ensure adherance to the legal requirements.

It is the responsibility of the company concerned for complying with these environmental regulations and to prevent pollution to water, air and land.

There are strict penalties for non-compliance.  For example, failure to comply with the Environment Agency’s regulations on oil storage is a criminal offence and may result in prosecution.  You could also be fined up to £5,000.

If you are concerned that you are not meeting all applicable Pollution Prevention Guidelines Darcy will provide advice and guidance to assist you.

Reduction in waste management costs

Darcy can also reduce your waste management costs.  By utilising intelligent systems you can significantly reduce the need for any unnecessary and sometimes costly visits by waste management companies. You can also ensure any spills are contained onsite thus saving clean up costs, management time, potential fines and damaging publicity.

Our range of bund water control units detect pH and hydrocarbon content within bunds and safely remove rainwater thus maintaining bund capacity.  Any contaminant detected from a tank failure will automatically trigger an alarm and initiate drain closure devices preventing contaminants leaving site.

React before its too late

We will happily meet with you at a convenient time to ensure your sites are fully compliant with regulations and, where appropriate, discuss approaches and procedures for waste management cost reduction.

For further details on the Pollution Prevention Guidelines and how Darcy can assist your organisation to adhere to specific guidelines and regulations please contact us on 0800 0370 899.