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Project Title: Reconnecting with a customer to provide further training and a new site audit

Products/Services: Training, spill kit site audit, absorbents and containment products

Project Undertaken: Spring 2024

Industry Sector: Manufacturing – fragrance and flavours


Givaudan has been a customer of The Darcy Group for several years. As part of our dedication to customer service, we reach out to our customers regularly to see how they are getting on and if there’s anything they need help with.   

We spoke with the EHS Manager at the Chester site for Givaudan. He’d only been in the position a short while and was pleased that we’d called as he wanted to get spill response organised on his site.  

Darcy was able to offer a wide range of services and products to tick off his requirements without having to shop around multiple suppliers.   

What did the Darcy Group do?

During the conversation, we explained what they used to buy regularly and all our product offerings including spill response training. We emailed a brochure and a link to our Aquasentry website. Darcy is a unique brand in that we manufacture and supply a wide range of products and services, not just spill care products but drain closure devices, drainage system maintenance, separator servicing, training, etc.     

He was interested in our training offering. The customer chose to book spill responder and train the trainer courses which we got booked in. Whilst our trainer was on site for the first session, he walked around the site and conducted a spill kit survey and audit.  

This enabled us to provide the customer with a full report of what spill kits were required in which locations around the site, which the customer then used to place an order. When the kits were dispatched from our warehouse, we organised the delivery so that the products for each location were on separate pallets and clearly labelled with their location for ease of distribution and unloading on site.   

Offering a site survey and audit whilst our trainers are on site is something that we have done for other customers. If you have any concerns about what’s required on your site to achieve compliance, let us know when booking a training course and we’ll be happy to help.  

What was the outcome? 

We provided two sessions of spill response training and a further train the trainer session.   

The spill kit survey and audit resulted in the client having the peace of mind that their site was compliant, and they would be able to handle a spill efficiently.   

Our clear packaging and labelling meant that the customer didn’t need to go back through their report to identify which products were for which locations, saving time.   

The necessary staff are now fully trained on how to deal with spills and how to use the products correctly and safely. The free site survey, which was conducted while the trainer was on site, saved the new environmental manager resources and ensured that the site was now fully compliant with regulations as the customer went on to order everything that our expert recommended. We are happy to repeat this survey in the future should the customer have any changes on-site that may affect their requirements.  

Keeping in touch with the customer has meant that we’ve built a relationship with the new EHS Manager and the Senior Site Buyer who wants to roll out this process on other sites around the UK. Following the same process will ensure consistency in compliance across the sites.  

After this recent experience, Paul French, Senior Site Buyer at IM&S Givaudan, said: 

“As any good account manager would, Martin at Darcy Spillcare recently contacted us to see if there were any changes to the site.  After speaking with Martin, I was extremely interested in what additional services Darcy could offer us. We had a new EHS manager recently join the company and thought it would benefit both parties to meet, review and assess our procedures, and review the processes we had in place should any spillages occur on our site. We store many oils and flavour ingredients on site and are located alongside a brook leading out to the River Dee.  

We also utilised Darcy providing our staff with one of their accredited training courses, teaching staff how to deal with spills, should one occur, and more importantly, how to use the products Darcy supplied. 

Martin arranged a free site survey, and a member of the Darcy team came to site to do an on-site spill kit and spill containment audit. 

Within less than 48 hours we had received a full and detailed site audit report, detailing what was needed and split into functional areas. 

Martin also produced a quote which was also laid out per functional area which helped in allocating the costs to the respective departments. 

We then ordered the spill kits, and containment items. The delivery arrived on pallets (delivery was very swift), labelled per location and it was easy for them to allocate according to the recommendations and put the correct products in the correct places from our site survey. 

Not only was the cost of all these services very reasonable, but Martin was also helpful and friendly throughout the process, and a real pleasure to work with. Their service is first class, prompt and they do exactly what they promise. I would highly recommend Darcy to anyone.” 

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