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Made in Britain

Track Lube

Product Code: 0510

Track Lube protects and lubricates machinery exposed to corrosive conditions - due to moisture, sea water, salt and mildly acid or alkaline chemically polluted atmospheres.

Made in Britain

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0510 - Tracklube Sprayable - 10L pail

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Track Lube protects and lubricates machinery exposed to corrosive conditions - due to moisture, sea water, salt and mildly acid or alkaline chemically polluted atmospheres.

Track Tube’s exceptional properties enable it to be used where greases, oils and other lubricants are ineffective. It possesses exceptional powers of adhesion and provides a strong durable film which protects moving parts from wear and corrosion.

Track Lube is an anti-corrosive lubricant which provides excellent adhesion even where surfaces are damp or wet. As Track Lube will not absorb moisture and repels water the product can be applied to wet surfaces where it will displace moisture forming a strong bond directly to the substrate. Once applied it will withstand high pressure hosing and water washing operations.

Track Lube outlasts all conventional oils and greases greatly decreasing the frequency of applications resulting in considerable cost savings. Reduction in greasing will also result in greater safety, reduce pollution risks from soilings and increase ballast life.

Track Lube with its exception adhesion and lasting lubrication and lasting lubrication properties totally unaffected by atmospheric conditions render it ideal for rail track applications:

  • Railway switch points
  • Fishplates and connectors
  • Rail fastenings

Track Lube is particularly effective where track is periodically immersed in water or subject to salt water or sea spray.

Track Lube provides greater economy as it lubricates with super efficiency for maximum periods.  Track Lube protects against water thus prevents corrosion, withstands high and low temperatures, is easily applied, requires no special equipment.

Switch point operation is improved by preventing dry slides, even where point heaters are used since Track Lube will not dry out or ball up and therefore reduces point failure.

Application of Track Lube on switches

Track Lube is easily applied with either a short bristled swan neck brush. Charge the brush with fresh lubricant and apply to slide chair. If unable to switch points to apply to all surfaces, action of rail movement will spread it. Track Lube will spread in damp or wet conditions onto itself, steel surfaces or other materials.

Tracklube is also available in a sprayable formulation, which can be applied by hand or with a spray gun.

Application on surfaces coated with greases other than Track Lube

When possible clean off old grease from slide chair or base plate either side of switch rail using steel or wooden scraper. If it is not practicable to clean off, brush Track Lube well into the surface of the base lubricant and after several applications Track Lube will establish itself. After approximately four applications of Track Lube increase period between applications to achieve economy in labour and materials.

Fishplate lubrication and protection

Track Lube will ensure long lasting protection and lubrication. Remove fishplate from rail, liberally apply Track Lube to fishing surface of rail and plate, also apply to thread of bolts. Track Lube will ensure vastly improved lubrication and greatly extend period between greasing.

Rail fastenings - lubrication and protection

Track Lube will protect all types of fastenings preventing corrosion and make lifting of track less arduous. Long life of product ensures there is no need to renew application.


Lubricant life varies considerably theoretically from application to application. With machinery operating under identical conditions, variables such as temperature, load, dirt, humidity can have considerable adverse affect. Relubrications should be tested on trial basis and modified and extended as experience dictates.


Track Lube is a clay thickened grease, precisely formulated with anti-corrosive additives, water displacing agents and graphite in a selected material oil base.

  • Colour: Black
  • Operating Temperature: –25°C up to +50°C
  • Adhesion: Excellent
  • Film : Permenantly flexible, non drying

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