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Product Code: 0152

Keep sleepers and ballast free from oils, lubricants and effluent. Improve safety and cleanliness.

Made in Britain
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0152 - Oil Trackmat


145cm x 4m
85 litres

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Keep sleepers and ballast free from oils, lubricants and effluent. Improve safety and cleanliness.

Track beds can be contaminated by a number of substances including:

  • Effluent
  • Litter
  • Greases
  • Lubricants
  • Cooking oil

...all of which can soil ballast, restrict ballast drainage and creates a dirty and slippery surface.

A polluted track can lead to poor ballast formations and is a safety hazard especially where there is a combination of slippery, oil covered sleepers and a third rail. If ballast becomes too heavily polluted that rain is unable to penetrate, oil residues and effluent mix with dirt and grit to form a viscous slurry around and beneath the sleeper, leading to sleeper pumping and track movement. Particularly during periods of heavy rainfall or melting snow and ice, run off from polluted track can contaminate local rivers, streams and watercourses and may also affect groundwater.

Trackmats combat spills to prevent soiling of clean ballast, assist ballast drainage, protect new ballast and provide clean non slip surfaces.

Station installations

Trackmats provide complete protection against polluted track in station areas caused primarily from waste discharge from passenger trains. Control of this pollution is vital from a public relations aspect as well as for environmental and safety reasons.

Fuelling & maintenance depots

Trackmats contain oil spillages from locomotive power units and drips that occur whilst undertaking maintenance on carriages. Positioned in maintenance depots and high risk areas along the track including concrete skirting at the ends of terminus platforms, trackmats can be changed over quickly and easily with the important cost saving advantage that only the soiled length need to be replaced.

Why use trackmat

  • Absorbs oil and prevents soiling of ballast and sleepers.
  • Help prevent injury to personnel due to slipping on oily ballast or sleepers.
  • Enables track maintenance to be carried out in a clean environment.
  • Ensures quick safe and economical removal of pollution in station areas.
  • Supplied in economic 4m lengths to reduce unnecessary wastage.
  • Can be supplied with a lightweight plastic gridding to protect the absorbent against wear and tear and provides a safe walking environment.

Trackmats are:

  • A high tensile strength melt blown polypropylene absorbent
  • Laminated with a permeable reinforcing layer both sides, to prevent splitting on sharp ballast and damage from foot traffic
  • Fitted with polythene eyelets for fast and easy fixing to rail holding clips on all types of sleepers (with supplied ropes)
  • Wide enough to completely cover the "four foot", web to web, ensuring total coverage.

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