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Practical pollution prevention systems

The Aquasentry range of liquid monitoring and detection systems provides you with affordable solutions to comply with regulations and EA guidelines, minimise waste management costs and prevent pollution of the watercourse.

Our range of remote monitoring automated systems provides full site environmental security, ensuring that no pollutants leave your site and that your company maintains the highest storage and containment standards.

Our liquid monitoring systems are in use across the globe with sales to OEMs, distributors and end-user companies alike.

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All of our systems can be activated automatically and provide full notification via text, email, beacon or sounder making you aware of a potential pollution incident across the most remote parts of your site. Full reporting logs and diagnostic checks are available at the touch of a button detailing “current status” of pollution prevention systems and service requests.

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the continued correct operation of these systems. Darcy offers service plans for all its Aquasentry devices.

Separator servicing and emptying

It is essential that separators are regularly maintained, even if an oil level alarm has been installed. You should not wait until the alarm is activated before a separator is serviced. The system requires regular maintenance, calibration, and servicing by a competent technician to reduce the risk of a pollution incident.

Darcy Spillcare has devised a comprehensive range of separator services to ensure your units are maintained and operational for the purpose for which they were installed.

We also offer an emptying service to ensure your separator is working at peak performance. Leaving your separator to become too full risks a pollution incident as it could become overwhelmed during heavy rainfall.

Download details on the change in SFG20 guidance

Other services available

Drain closure service

Drain closure systems provide instant security against the polluting of controlled waters. It is vital that they are correctly maintained to ensure continuous efficient operation.

Our technicians will inspect and service your drain closure devices to make sure they will work correctly and efficiently when you need them to.

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Bund dewatering and pump station service

Your bund dewatering systems and pumps require regular servicing to enable them to work efficiently and to comply with PPG 2 outlines. Ensure bund integrity with our inspection and maintenance service.

Pollution monitoring alarm servicing

Darcy manufacture and supply a range of liquid level sensors and associated control panels for detecting and monitoring various fluids across a range of applications. To ensure their correct operation, it’s important to have them serviced regularly.


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