Bulk Storage Tank Refurbishment

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations came into force in 2001 and requires from 1 September 2005 that where oil is stored in tanks and containers (outside and above ground) that adherence to strict design and monitoring requirements is necessary to enable compliance.

We provide an expert range of services to all industries that store bulk fuels and chemicals to ensure compliance with legislation.

Key points of legislation

  • Oil must be stored in a tank that is structurally adequate to store the liquids, and is unlikely to burst or leak
  • There must be a bund or drip tray to contain any leaks from the tank and its pipework.
  • The bund surrounding the tank should have sufficient capacity to contain 110% of the maximum content of the tank, or 25% of the capacity (whichever is greater)
  • Above ground pipework should be supported and underground pipes should be protected from incidental damage and either have leakage detection or be double skinned.
  • The bunded area surrounding the tank should be periodically inspected and must be constructed from impermeable materials to ensure that all liquids are contained within the area.
  • All pipework must be within the bunded area.

Common bulk storage tank faults

  • Weeping at fill or vent pipe fittings
  • Leaks at oil line exiting the tank
  • Leaking seams
  • Excessive rust
  • Defective safety valves
  • Perforations, rips and tears
  • Faulty tank supports
  • Sludge

Steps to bulk storage tank compliance

Visual inspection

  • A thorough visual inspection of tanks on site identifying presence of faults
  • Compliance observations

Integrity testing

  • Masstech low pressure tank testing
  • NDT (Non destructive testing)

Maintenance and refurbishment

  • Where possible we would recommend a programme of refurbishment and maintenance to rectify faults identified and bring up to compliance requirements

Tank supply and installation

  • Supply of standard or bespoke steel, GRP or poly tanks
  • Installation of tanks and pipework in accordance with OFTEC guidelines and planning regulations

Selections of the services we can offer include:

  • Draining and disposal of tank bottoms and sludge
  • Cleaning and purging of pipework
  • Cold cutting techniques to access enclosed tanks
  • Manual cleaning of tanks
  • Remote cleaning using mechanical high pressure washer
  • Gauge and alarm servicing
  • Decommissioning of tanks using inert hydrophobic foam or foam concrete
  • Removal of tanks using hot and cold specialist cutting equipment
  • Tank and bund relining
  • Tank repairs
  • Testing and gas free certification
  • Full high Pressure Blasting (using various techniques) and recoating of tanks.

From full site upgrade programs in line with Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and PPG2 to tank cleaning and decommissioning, if you store bulk fuels and chemicals, Darcy provides an extensive range of tank services to ensure environmental compliance.   For further details on your required service please select from the options below or contact Darcy on 0800 0370 899.

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