Drain Relining

Our specialist team of drainage operatives deliver a comprehensive drain relining service to help meet your drainage requirements utilising the “no-dig” technique.  This trenchless technology ensures that repairs can be undertaken to your drain or sewer system with minimal disruption to site activity more importantly.

Equipped with the latest CCTV camera equipment our engineers can identify the problematic areas or major defects such as a fracture or leak. 

If a breach to the drainage system is identified (such as tree root ingress) these are removed to prepare the drain for repair. 

Relining the drain

The damaged section of drain is then relined using patches of fabric segments which are impregnated with epoxy resin.  These patches are manoeuvred into the drain or sewer on a pipe packer.  Once the damaged section is reached, the pressure is set so the packer calibrates to the inside of the pipe.  The patch is held in place until the resin cures properly.  The inflation packer is then deflated and withdrawn.  The patch is left in place forming a smooth and strong bond with the existing pipe, thus providing a full structural repair.


With drain patch repairs there is no need to reline lengths of drainage in order to reach one specific defect.  Faults can be repaired without the need to reopen junctions using robotic cutting or excavating to access the pipework.  Due to the nature of this work, we can ensure that any defect that has been identified can be repaired straight away.  This will alleviate the chances of collapse or major disruption to the drainage system.

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