Emergency Spill Response

Professional emergency service for spill response and clean-up.

With over 30 years’ experience in pollution control and environmental protection we have helped thousands of businesses across the UK to manage spills, saving potential fines and preventing damage to the environment.

The 24 hour emergency response service provided by Darcy Spillcare is a service available to all companies throughout the UK and Eire for the provision of spill control products and spill and response services. We are ideally positioned to provide that vital initial response service upon the discovery of a spill.

Activating the emergency response service 

When in a state of emergency you want things to happen quickly and efficiently. Our entire response service is activated by dialling one telephone number that puts you in touch direct with Darcy Spillcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will request specific information relating to the spill situation i.e. product spilt, quantity, situation and location. Once we have gathered this information we will contact our contractors.

If the incident is one that can be managed by your own employees and only product is required to contain, control and absorb the spill, then wherever possible the products are delivered by one of our contracted spill operatives in case advice or assistance is later required.

The seven step response plan

Upon noticing a spill and before calling identify, where possible, the type of product and volume spilt. This is essential information to ensure an efficient and effective response.

  1. Dial the Darcy emergency response service on 01732 441019.
  2. Provide details on the product spilt, volume, location.
  3. Decide whether you require our full management service or product only service.
  4. Issue an authorisation number to approve pre-agreed call out charge.
  5. We will contact our Darcy approved spill contractor and provide all the information necessary.
  6. The contractor will call you, or the appointed contact, confirming time of arrival and provide their contact details.
  7. The contractor will assess the scene and recommend the optimum method of control, containment and clean up.

From initial telephone call the Darcy approved contractor aims to be on site within two hours.

Contractor selection 

Our spill contractors have to meet the rigorous criteria below before they are appointed as a contractor to Darcy Spillcare:

  1. All contractors have substantial experience in cleaning up oil spills in a manner entirely satisfactory to the client and the Environment Agency.
  2. They have a minimum track record of 3 to 5 years in the industry.
  3. Our contractors are able to provide a spill response service across the whole of the UK. We ensure that a contractor can adhere to a 2 hour response time and have proved their ability to do so. Consequently our network of spill response contractors is allocated into regions to ensure full UK coverage with minimum response time. It is in our opinion very important that the individual contractor knows the geographical area so that they can tailor the response approach accordingly.

Whenever a spill occurs it is also essential to consider the longer term environmental impact. Darcy Spillcare provide a full scale Spill Impact Assessment and Remediation service that enables you to uncover any broader environmental impacts of an incident and, if necessary, recommend, design and implement a remediation strategy.

In the event of an emergency - PHONE - 01732 441019 - 24 hours a day, every day.

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