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Manual drainage protection

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Manual drainage protection

Project Overview: Manual drainage protection

Project Title: Supply of portable drain bladders

Project Undertaken: 2011

Industry Sector: Transport and Distribution centre


Darcy’s client, a large transport and distribution centre, needed a cost effective, manually deployable product to stop major spill’s leaving the site and retaining any liquid in the drain network so that an on- site clear up can be coordinated.

Unit features

Manually Deployable

Quick and simple to use. Instructions are easily communicable.

Solutions and savings

  • Customer ordered 4 units to be placed at the drain exits and liked the idea that these could be incorporated into their current spill equipment such as spill kits.
  • As this is a fairly large, sprawling site, the solution offered the client flexibility to deal with any spill efficiently in a specific area.
  • They have trained all staff on how to respond and they are fully aware of how the product works. The products simplicity has allowed them to do this.

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