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We are a leading environmental protection and spill care product manufacturer, helping businesses stay safe with our extensive range of pollution prevention products and expert spill response training courses. Originally founded in the UK, we now stock and supply distributors around the world, helping businesses globally stay compliant.

By creating products with both legislation and the user in mind, we supply an extensive range of spill solutions that not only protect your local environment but are sustainably manufactured out of recycled materials where possible. Similarly, all of our products have been developed with current legislation in mind. We’re constantly discovering new and innovative ways to help protect our customers and ensure they’re compliant.

The Darcy Promise


Being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of what we do. Whether it’s by offering emergency support to our client, to using recycled materials in our socks, cushions and booms – we are dedicated to finding green solutions where possible.


Not only are our experts dedicated to maintaining the quality of our products and services to ensure we are best supporting our clientele, but we are committed to finding the right product for the right situation, every time.


We believe that every company should be able to afford high-quality spillcare solutions and services. We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with product options to suit all budgets, helping everyone stay compliant no matter what their need is.


Whether you’re looking for product information, a training course, or need emergency spillcare support, we pride ourselves on giving all of our clients expert advice from the experts themselves. With our hugely experienced team, you can be assured that we will find the right solution for you.


We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of both our service and products. We have held ISO 9002 since 1992 and are prime movers in efforts to standardise performance claims in our industry, to ensure that you, the customer, can make fair and meaningful comparison of the products available on the market. This has resulted in the current British Standard on spill control products, BS7959.

We have gained a number of accreditations, giving you peace of mind.  A list of our accreditations can be seen below.  For further details on the accrediting companies and standards, please click on the links where indicated.

For further information, please contact us within the UK on 0800 0370 899 or from outside the UK on +44 (0)1732 441015.

Meet one of our experts

An image of Sam Hall

Sam Hall

Customer Service Sales Executive

Sam has been with Darcy since 2013 and has held a number of positions within the company.

He has a wealth of knowledge on our range of spillcare and containment products.

His primary role today is to service all our inbound enquiries and work across our key account customers.

An image of Robert Stackpoole

Robert Stackpoole

Customer Service Sales Executive

Rob started with Darcy in 2009 and has vast experience across the group's varied products and services.

Today he looks after our national key accounts and is responsible for making sure our spill response training clients receive outstanding service.

An image of Oliver Hambly

Oliver Hambly

Spill Response Trainer

Oliver joined Darcy 10 years ago and offers various levels of spill response training. He has delivered training courses for a number of blue chip organisations across the UK.

Oliver also delivers site surveys for customers and supports them in their quest to improve environmental compliance.

Creating sustainable solutions - The Darcy Group

Helping people since 1935, Darcy has expanded from an emergency spillcare business to a complete sustainability solution provider.

Throughout the years, we have grown and adapted to suit our clients’ needs and, with the help of Aquasentry and Ayles Fernie, we provide clients across the world with a wide range of environmentally sustainable solutions to help them stay compliant.

Whether it is pollution prevention products or bespoke oil dispersant systems, a member of our team is always happy to provide you with affordable, exceptional, and sustainable services & solutions.

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