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Ecospray Front View with Wheel Kit Hi Res

The ECOSPRAY 80 is a compact and easy to operate portable diesel powered dispersant spray system. Due to its simplified control, dispersant dilution can be varied between 0% and 100% with no interruption to spraying. ECOSPRAY 80 is designed to be deployed quickly with little setup required for rapid response to oil spills.

The ECOSPRAY 80 dispersant spray system is supplied with a set of AFEDO™ Nozzles and Hoses; and can be installed and operated from almost any “vessel of opportunity”. ECOSPRAY 80 has a simple control system for varying dispersant dilution level and a pressure gauge to ensure correct performance with AFEDO Nozzles.

ECOSPRAY 80 is designed to be operated by one person with minimal training requirements.

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Single-cylinder, air cooled direct injection Yanmar diesel engine

Robust construction in Marine Grade Aluminium

Fully enclosed moving components with a compact design

Fully variable dispersant dilution from 0 - 100%

Supplied with a set of AFEDO™ nozzles and hoses

Pressure gauge


Simple and intuitive to use

Easily stowed and corrosion resistant

Adjustable application rates

“Vessel of opportunity” capable

Available Options

PVC Cover

Added protection of ECOSPRAY when in storage

Pump Unit Lifting Sling

For lifting ECOSPRAY via mechanical means


To protect spill responders

Wheel Kit

For improved manoeuvrability

Engine Spares Kit

For most common servicing requirements

Pump Spares Kit

For most common servicing requirements

Technical Specification

  • Engine: Hand Start Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • Pump: Roller Type Positive Displacement 
  • Pipework: Stainless Steel and PVC.
  • Frame: Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Valves:
    1 No. Manual Flow Control Valve
    1 No. Pressure Relief Valve
  • Gauge: Pressure Gauge

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