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Ayles Fernie successfully deliver training on BoatSpray system

Ayles Fernie delivered comprehensive training to spill responders from EMSA in Ravenna, Italy.

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Project Title: Ayles Fernie team deliver 3 phases of training on the Boat Spray system.

Products/Services: Marine Dispersant Spray System

Project Undertaken: June 2019

Industry Sector: Dispersant Spray Systems


A presentation was given to the students on the theory of dispersants and their application covering the following topics:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Dispersants
  • The Chemical makeup of dispersants and how they work
  • How to calculate the amount of dispersant required and how this translates in the operation of the system
  • How to use application rate tables

Students were then given the opportunity to ask questions.

Practical Demonstrations 

Practical demonstrations of the equipment were carried out in front of the EMSA warehouse. The students were given a safety briefing on the system and information regarding the proper PPE to be used when operation the system.

Students were shown how to identify the various components of the system and then how to set up the equipment.


  • Unpacking the container
  • Positioning the system
  • Connecting suction hoses
  • Connecting discharge hoses
  • Setting up spray nozzles 

Once the equipment had been set up a demonstration was given on operating he systems including:

  • Starting the engine
  • Setting the correct engine speed
  • Adjusting the outlet flow rate
  • Adjusting the dispersant flow rate
  • Shutting down the system

 Practical Exercises

The students were then given a task to operate the system according to theoretical conditions. for example:

  • Required dispersant application rate 50LPH
  • Wind speed 6kts

They would then use the application rate table to identify the correct dispersant flow rate and then operate and adjust the system to provide that application rate.

Some additional help was given to the students at this point to help with the application rate tables.

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